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    Destined for Greatness

    Apr 08-May 07

    Do you know a group of great kids you'd like to nominate? Enter Here


    Have questions about the Destined for Greatness program? See our Frequently Asked

    Questions below:


    Destined for Greatness Frequently Asked Questions

    1)What constitutes a team, club or organization?

    A team, club or organization can be any group of youth, 19 years of age and under, composed of individuals who voluntarily meet on a regular basis.


    2) What are the age restrictions?

    There are no age restrictions for the nominator, however, all members of the nominated team, club or organization must be 19 years of age or younger.


    3) Does the club, team or group have to reside in St. Albert or surrounding areas?

    No, the club, team or group doesn’t officially have to reside in St. Albert.  One of the judging criteria includes, however, the impact the nominee has on the St. Albert community.


    4) Is this contest only for athletic clubs?

    No! Whether you are a chess club, a yearbook committee, the Student’s Union of your school, or a baseball team; we want to hear from you!


    5) Tell us more about the grand prize with Jason Strudwick and Fernando Pisani.

    Jason Strudwick and Fernando Pisani are two team members who had a dream as young children and made it happen in their adult life. Along the way it took hard work, determination, and recognition of their dream to get where they are today. A relevant message no matter what you are interested in, prepare to be singled-out, inspired, entertained, and walk away with some extra motivation to tackle your dreams.

    The grand prize, two hour session with Jason and Fernando, will include an exclusive keynote address, a question and answer session and perhaps a bonus activity with our special guests! This session will happen at a mutual date, sometime late spring.


    6) Does the $2500 bursary have a restriction to how it is used?

    Some small restrictions: It can not be used as wages or incomes to any individuals.

    Also, we’d love to know what you would do with it if you won!


    7) What should we put in our video?

    Your video entry should highlight what makes your organization leaders in our community. How are you contributing to making our community and this world a better place to live in? Keep it short and to the point and most of all -  have fun with it!

    You’re marked on your activities of your organization and NOT the production value of your video - so don't worry about spending money on production.


    The official rules and regulations can be found here.